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Frequently Asked Questions

I am working on Forms 6i and Forms 10G2. Do I need to install versions of your software for both 6i and 10G2 Forms?
No. All of our products are ‘backward’ compatible. You need to install the version for the ‘highest’ level of Oracle Forms you have installed. That version will operate on lower revisions of Forms. So in your case, you can install the 10G2 version of the software and still operate on your 6i Forms.
I have many Forms in sub-folders. How can I use FormGrep to search for strings in all the FMBs in the sub-folders?
You can use the ‘Open Pattern’ feature: From the File menu, select Open Pattern. In the ‘Open Pattern’ dialog, using the Browse button, navigate to the start in root folder. Next, enter the pattern names followed by semicolons. For example, cust*.fmb; *inv*.fmb.
When I use AppEaze to compare two Library modules (PLLs), it does not show any differences. Why is this?
Your SQL*Plus and Database connection must be configured first. The PLL converter provided by Oracle requires a database connection. From the AppEaze ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘SQL*Plus Setup’. Enter or browse to the SQP*Plus executable. Enter a user name, password and connect string to ANY Oracle database to which you have access. AppEaze does not manipulate or otherwise modify any data in the database when comparing PLLs. The Oracle suppplied converter requires a valid connection.
When I try to search RDFs using FormGrep, it gives me an error message saying that it could not convert the RDF. Why is this?
When searching RDFs, FormGrep uses the Oracle supplied converter that converts from RDF to REX (text file). The target directory (where the converted REX file is placed temporarily) must be writeable by the user. You can specify a writeable diectory for FormGrep to use from the Edit menu: Edit->Set Temp Conversion Directory. FormGrep will use the directory to convert RDFs to REXs.
When I launch FormGrep for the first time, it asks me for the directory name where Oracle Forms is installed. Why does it need this?
FormGrep uses Oracle supplied DLLs to do its work. These DLLs are part of the Oracle Forms installation. If the Oracle Forms installation directory name is not in your System Path, FormGrep cannot find the DLLs it needs to operate on FMBs. Use the ‘Browse’ button to locate the directory name where you have Oracle Forms installed. This will most always be a ‘bin’ directory such as ‘C:\orant\bin\’.


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