FormGrep Studio 2011 is a productivity work bench. It enables Oracle Forms and Reports developers to work smarter and faster. Developers benefit from FormGrep Studio 2011 when analyzing, modifying, customizing and auditing modules in any Oracle Forms and Reports based application system. With FormGrep Studio 2011, Forms and Reports developers can do all following and more…

  • Perform searches including multiple strings and regular expressions on as many modules as exist in your application.
  • Calculate DIFFerences between versions of modules.
  • Transform modules using advanced XSLT technology based on Open Source components. [ 3rd Q 2011]

How do you find where tables, stored procedures and other database objects are referenced in your Forms, Libraries, Menus and Reports?

Using the Database Explorer of FormGrep Studio 2011, you can select one or more schemas to be used for search criteria. FormGrep Studio 2011 will then search the checked modules in your active project for all the Tables, Views, Sequences and Stored Program Units in your modules. It will display where the database object references occur in your modules. This feature requires Oracle Client installed.

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How do you identify all the changes made to a module (Form, Library, Menu or Report)?

Whether your team uses a source code control system to manage versions of modules or not, the FormGrep Studio 2011 DIFF engines will make sure you have access to the specific details of all the changes that have been made to your modules. The DIFFerence engines compare all the values of all the properties between two modules and display these DIFFs in a side-by-side graphical display. FormDiff, LibraryDiff, MenuDiff and ReportDiff calculate differences between modules.

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How do you perform impact analysis on your Oracle Forms and Reports modules?

When your application users require changes to tables in your database, how do you determine what impact those changes will have on the Forms, Libraries, Menus and Reports? Which modules ‘touch’ the tables in question? Its easy with FormGrep Studio 2011. Simply select all the modules in your application. Ask FormGrep Studio 2011 to show you every place in all the modules where any reference is made to the target tables.

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